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24th May 2022

Everything you might have missed from Kourtney and Travis’ wedding

Sarah McKenna Barry

We’re still not over the tiny portions of pasta.

Kourtney and Travis tied the knot for a third time in Portofino, Italy this weekend, and the details from the sumptuous affair are still coming in.

We have, by now, all seen Kourtney’s unique bridal gown – a lace and satin corset mini dress – and Kris Jenner’s iconic feathered look, but here are a few things that you might have missed from the wedding.

1. Kourtney’s veil

While at the alter, Kourtney donned a lengthy veil which depicted the Virgin Mary. The look, which was created by Dolce & Gabbana, matches a tattoo Travis himself has.

2. The couple’s first dance

Who do you hire as your wedding singer when you’re rich and famous? Why, Andrea Bocelli, of course! The legendary opera singer and his son Matteo Bocelli serenaded the couple for their first dance with a beautiful rendition of I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.

3. The teeny pasta portions

Despite the lavishness of the affair, the family got properly rinsed on Twitter for serving The World’s Smallest Portion of Pasta. Seriously, imagine getting the invite to the wedding and you only get a spoonful of spaghetti? You’d be devastated.

4. The embroidery

Kourtney’s corset gown was embroidered with the letters KKB – her new initials. She subsequently went official on Instagram with her new surname – Kardashian Barker.

5. Kris walked her down the aisle

If you’ve been following The Kardashians, then you’ll know that no one was more excited for this wedding to happen than Kris herself, so there really was never going to be a question about who would walk Kourtney down the aisle.

6. Kylie’s chaotic TikToks

The youngest Jenner acted as our insider for this wedding, and if her TikToks are anything to go by, it was certainly a good time. She also used her TikToks to take a dig at her sister Kendall’s unique approach to cucumber cutting, by captioning one video of them together as “me and cucumber girl”.

@kyliejennerme and cucumber girl

♬ Tear in My Heart – twenty one pilots

7. Kris Jenner letting loose

No words necessary. An icon, truly.