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19th Nov 2016

Everyone is pissed off at MIC’s Louise Thompson for these comments about her body

Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson seems to have put down the glasses of Champagne, and instead taken up some dumbbells.

The reality TV star is dating personal-trainer Ryan Libbey, and credits his as her inspiration for her new #Fit, #Fabulous lifestyle.

Her fervour for fitness, coincidentally, has landed her a massive sponsorship deal with My Protein, and it was when posting an image for the brand that Thompson made some questionable comments.

Thompson shared a picture of her abs with the below caption.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 20.54.25

Naturally followers were critical of her use of the word fat.

“I get what is meant by this comment but as someone who people look up to it is a very irresponsible comment. You are clearly tiny and now young girls especially will think they need to lose weight and fat to look like you. As someone who has suffered an eating disorder this upsets me because people need a healthy amount of fat to function, I lost too much weight and fat and now am struggling to have children because of it. There is more to life than weight and body image, but unfortunately because of images and comments like this we will never be free from judgement and guilt,” writes one concerned follower.

Many are calling Thompson dangerous and irresponsible.

“Literally send such a horrid message to girls, you post about not eating or skipping meals to lose weight, post about how fat you are. You’re so in the spotlight and inspire thousands be responsible and mature,” writes another commenter.

The post is still live on Louise’s Instagram and debate rages on.