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29th Feb 2024

‘Real damage’ – Eoghan McDermott coughing up blood due to vaping


Eoghan McDermott returned to social media with a health update

Former broadcaster, Eoghan McDermott returned to social media with a health update this week.

The RTÉ presenter confirmed he has been suffering from lung issues since he started vaping.

During a run, the former radio host started to cough up blood.

Alongside a photo of his hand covered in blood, he told his Instagram followers that he used to be healthy before he started vaping.

He said: “Posted this yesterday after a run. Was very healthy until got badly hooked on e-cigs and vapes.

“Lungs have had a meltdown,” he admitted.

Credit: Eoghan McDermott

McDermott urged his followers who vape to stop the habit as soon as possible. The damage they’re causing is something people can no longer ignore.

“If they are part of your routine, perhaps time to stop. Doing real damage. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk,” he added.

How to give up vaping?

According to The Irish Cancer Society, taking up vaping as a stop-smoking aid is

The Irish Cancer Society does not recommend using e-cigarettes as a stop-smoking aid.

“We believe that using evidence-based methods remains the safest and most reliable way of giving up smoking.

“E-cigarettes have been shown to be potentially harmful to health. And they are not as effective as recommended evidence-based quitting methods, such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and smoking cessation medicines. These smoking cessation methods are safe and have been shown to work successfully.”