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13th Jul 2023

Ekin-Su and Davide awkwardly avoid one another at Barbie premiere in London

Kat O'Connor

The Love Island stars both attended the Barbie premiere in London last night.

Love Island stars Davide and Ekin-Su had a near-awkward run-in at last night’s Barbie premiere in London last night. The couple, who only split weeks ago, both attended the premiere of Greta Gerwig’s movie in Leicester Square.

Both reality stars attended the star-studded premiere last night but managed to avoid one another.

Barbie star Margot Robbie, who is a major Love Island fan, posed for photos with Ekin-Su during the premiere.

The pair ended their relationship last month after 11 months together. Ekin-Su broke her silence this week after taking time away from social media following the split.

“Hi everyone, I thought it was time to come back online to thank you so much for all of your messages over the past 2-weeks.

“It has shown me what a kind, supportive, strong community I have behind me. I took some much-needed time away with my family which has been really special but now it’s time to realign & get back to work,” she shared.

Ekin praised her followers for constantly supporting her, no matter what is going on in her life.

The reality star said she is trying to focus on her future and teased upcoming projects.

Davide was the first to announce the end of their relationship. He issued a lengthy statement after breaking up with the Turkish actress but stressed that he only wants the best for his fellow reality star.

He also shut down claims he was returning to Love Island and urged people to stop spreading false claims about him during such an emotional time for both him and Ekin.