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04th Aug 2018

Eamonn Holmes looks like he’s been in a scrap, but really he’s just got shingles

Jade Hayden

eamonn holmes


Ah, Eamonn.

You haven’t been having the easiest time of it lately, have you man?

Filling in for Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on This Morning should be a decent enough gig, but since it’s started, the Northern Irish presenter has been called “fat” live on air, had to commit to punching someone who tried his wife, and dealt with the ever-so-stunning news that Laura from Love Island fancies him.

A whirlwind few weeks anyway.

Things have gotten even more dramatic for Eamo this week though because he’s only gone and come down with a case of the shingles.

No really, he has.

Eamonn took to Instagram to share a photo of his dodgy looking face, saying that although it may look like he’s been in a scrap, “it’s shingles.”

Grim AF.

Shingles is a condition that causes nerves to become inflamed across the body, leading to painful swelling and growing lumps.


Eamonn’s fans were, luckily for him, full of sympathy though as they told him to take a few days off to recover from his illness.

This comes just a few hours after the presenter shared a photo of himself chilled out to the max in a robe and a face mask looking like “a million dollars.”

We truly hope that the shingles do not impact on your beauty regime, Eamonn.