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04th Nov 2022

Dami Hope reveals fans constantly ask to see his and Indiyah’s sex tape

Strange one.

Love Island star Dami Hope has opened up about one of the strange requests he and girlfriend Indiyah Polak receive from fans on a regular basis.

Since leaving the villa earlier this year, the couple are still going strong but Dami has now revealed that fans have asked for sex tapes of the two.

Speaking on the Bumble podcast with Tolly T, the couple was asked if they ever got any strange requests from fans since the show ended, and Dami responded: “What do you mean?”

Tolly then clarified: “Just like fans wanting you guys to be weird together.”

Dami then revealed: “What like sex tapes? They ask for our sex tapes a lot. They said they would pay.”

Indiyah joined in, saying: “That’s the strangest.”

Tolly said: “That’s insane.”

Indiyah then said: “Yeah, that is quite crazy.”

Dami and Indiyah are still going strong despite rumours one of the remaining couples has secretly broken up, with Indiyah’s family now impressed by the New Ross native.

During the meet the parents episode of Love Island, Indiyah’s mum was less than impressed by Dami’s Casa Amor antics. Not hiding how she felt about him, and even calling him Deji, Dami has redeemed himself in her eyes.

“They love me, it just feels like my own family. I think I already redeemed myself in the show, when she called me Deji we laughed about it. There was a part where I had to go into the beach hut and I had to take the back way and her mum and her sister were getting in the car and we were all blowing kisses to each other,” he told Her.