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09th Nov 2022

Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack set to move in together

Sarah McKenna Barry

Huge steps!

After finishing in third place on this year’s Love Island, Irishman Dami Hope and his girlfriend Indiyah Polack are set to move into their first home together.

The pair garnered 11.77% of the public vote, ahead of Andrew and Tasha (10.07%), but behind Gemma and Luca (14.47%), and landslide winners Ekin-Su and Davide (63.69%).

After coming off the show, Indiyah visited Dami’s family and friends in Dublin and New Ross, Wexford, and Dami spent plenty of time in the UK as well. Now, they’re looking to settle down in a home of their own in London.

In an interview with the MailOnline, Indiyah revealed that they plan on moving in together “in a couple of weeks”.

She said: “So we’re both looking forward to moving in and getting ready for Christmas actually, it’ll be our first one together.”

Indiyah also spoke about how they plan on spending Christmas together, and her plans to be “super extra”.

She said: “I’ve made a whole list of Christmas traditions, we’re gonna go to the Christmas Markets, we’re gonna do the dinner, I’ve made a whole list of things. We’re gonna be super extra for Christmas.”

Last week, Dami shared that among some of the stranger things he hears from fans, a common one is a request to see their sex tape.

Speaking on the Bumble podcast with Tolly T, Dami said: “They ask for our sex tapes a lot. They said they would pay.”

Indiyah agreed that that is definitely the “strangest” thing they hear.

Recently, Dami spoke to Her about how he has redeemed himself in Indiyah’s family’s eyes.

He said: “They love me, it just feels like my own family. I think I already redeemed myself in the show, when she called me Deji we laughed about it. There was a part where I had to go into the beach hut and I had to take the back way and her mum and her sister were getting in the car and we were all blowing kisses to each other.”