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11th Apr 2014

Could She Be Any Happier?! One Direction Star Leaves Voicemail For Delighted Fan

1D fans might be a little jealous...

Cathy Donohue

Harry Styles made one fan’s day, (actually no, judging by her reaction, he probably made her year) when he left a voicemail on her phone.

20-year-old Harry met Ellie Fitzgerald-Payne’s stepdad at Shoreditch House in London on Monday.

Colchester teenager, Ellie, told E! News how the meeting came about: “My mum and step dad were in London for the weekend, staying in Shoreditch House. On Monday they were waiting for the lift and Harry Styles came up behind them!”

She continued, “My stepdad introduced himself, they all got in the lift and chatted, and he asked Harry if he was going outside and if possible could he speak to his daughter on the phone, saying I probably wouldn’t answer because that is just my luck and I am known to not be so great at answering!”

“They tried a couple of times when they got outside but I was driving! I was so gutted and annoyed at first by the fact I missed my chance to talk to him; but then I heard the voicemail and was so shocked and excited — I mean it’s not every day you get a voicemail like that!”

Ellie posted a video, of her playing the voicemail to Instagram, captioned, “my voicemail from @HarryStyles, can’t wait for our coffee next week”.

The message went a little something like this…”Hi Ellie, it’s Harry here. I’m with your dad and we’ve just had lunch together. He’s a really nice guy. I hope I’ll see you soon. I think we’re having coffee next week, so maybe…”

18-year-old Ellie also posted an image of her stepdad and Harry beaming for the camera, simply tagged “Ahhhh”.

We can just imagine Harry fans screaming at how unfair the world is that their dads haven’t randomly met Mr Styles…