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06th Sep 2019

The comments left under Micheal Griffiths’ latest Instagram post are very harsh

Olivia Hayes

Very harsh indeed.

We all remember the drama that went down on Love Island between Michael and Amber. It was very intense, but then Greg came in and saved the day.

However, it seems like Amber and Greg might have broken up, with rumours swirling that he broke it off with his co-winner by text.

We will have to wait to find out the whole story as Greg (and possibly Amber) will appear on the Late Late Show tonight.

One person that got in on the action today was Michael. He shared a photo of him on the phone and captioned it: “Can you caption this photo?”

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Now, while that isn’t a clear dig at Amber and Greg’s situation, the people who commented on the snap went ALL in.

One said: “Did he really dump you by text????” and while another wrote: “Michael I know exactly why you laughing.”

One more user commented: “Amber’s single! Quick bell her up!!!” and another added: “Least I dumped her to her face.”

Yeah, not nice guys. Not nice.