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04th Mar 2024

A lock of Cillian Murphy’s hair is on sale for €7,000

Anna Martin

cillian murphy

Right now we’re all going through a bit of a Cillian Murphy phase

We’re just obsessed with seeing an Irish person do well, especially with the way he’s been cleaning up this awards season, but some people have taken it a step further.

A lock of the Cork actor’s hair is on sale for an astonishing €7,000 – and no that isn’t a typo.

With the Oscars happening on Saturday night and the odds seeming to be in Cillian’s favour, the experts have said the price tag is only going to increase.

Now, the next question is, how on earth did someone come to be in possession of the actor’s hair? It’s just not one of the normal things you have lying around your gaff you know?

Cillian Murphy hair
Credit: Paul Fraser Collectibles

Thankfully it seemed to be pretty ethically obtained as the sample of his hair was actually snagged by a wigmaker working on the phenomenally successful Peaky Blinders where Cillian played the lead character Tommy Shelby.

Speaking to The Sun a memorbilla expert has said that the lock of hair could in fact be a good investment, so if you were looking for an excuse to buy it, there you go.

“Cillian’s stock is rising and he is now a global star, especially after the Bafta and likely Oscar,” they told the publication.

“So, although this might be a strange thing to collect, it is likely to go up in value. There is actually a pretty big market for famous people’s hair.”

cillian murphy
Cillian Murphy Credit: Getty

Describing how the actor’s locks are presented, Paul Fraser Collectibles who are selling the hair said: “The lock comes affixed to a card bearing his name, written in pen by the wigmaker.”

While Cillian is undoubtedly a huge star right now, his hair has a long way to go before it matches the biggest stars.

Michael Jackson’s locks sold for $100,000 (€92,000) and Elvis Presley’s for $115,000 (€106,000).