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14th Dec 2017

Did Chris Brown just put a creepy pic of Ariana Grande on his album?


Chris Brown is back at it again.

A man, who certainly knows how to make women feel minuscule, having made headlines again and again for assaulting Rihanna in 2009, seems to be once again belittling women.

This time, it’s reported that he is after taking a photograph of Ariana Grande and changing it into a “sexy” Japanese cartoon for the front of his album.

Now, going by Ariana’s close relationship with Rihanna and the fact she cancelled working with him in the past, even postponing their duet track’s release date for over a year, we believe there is a very high chance she did not approve this.

There is no denying how similar these images are, but if anything we think this is quite insulting to someone as humble, passionate and driven as 24-year-old Ariana Grande.

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Hmmm, we wait in wonder to see her reaction.