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23rd Nov 2022

These are the charities Joe Lycett donated that £10,000 to

He urged his followers to consider donating.

On Sunday, comedian Joe Lycett lived up to his end of an ultimatum he gave David Beckham for accepting a million pound deal to be an ambassador for Qatar during the World Cup.

Pointing to the country’s human rights record and treatment of LGBT+ people, Lycett offered to donate £10,000 to LGBT+ charities  if the football star pulled out of his contract. If he didn’t, he would put £10,000 in a shredder.

Sunday came, and with no response from Beckham, Lycett streamed himself putting £10,000 in a shredder. The responses, it was far to say, were mixed.

Some praised Joe for ensuring that the conversation was firmly on Qatar’s’ human rights issues, and argued that £10,000 donated to an LGBT+ charity would not have resulted in nearly a fraction of the same coverage. Other criticised the act of destroying money in a cost of living crisis.

As it turned out, however, Joe didn’t shred any money at all. In a follow-up video, he revealed that he had donated £10,000 to LGBT+ charities before he even issued the call to David, and while his video showed him putting money into a shredder, that money never actually got shredded, and it was just paper that came out the other end.

Now, on Twitter, Joe confirmed the charities he supported.

He wrote: “To those asking the charities were @stonewalluk and their Rainbow Laces campaign and @SportAllies.”

He then encouraged those following him to make a donation.

Stonewall is a UK based LGBT+ charity, and their Rainbow Laces campaign is currently highlighting the issues faced by LGBT+ people in Qatar. Sport Allies is an organisation that promotes sport as an “inclusive and supportive route to personal growth for everyone”.

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