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22nd Dec 2017

Cara Delevingne is getting blasted for her latest advert and here’s why

Have you seen this?

People are seriously unimpressed.

Always known to cause quite an online stir, Cara Delevingne is at it again and this time she has teamed up with Jimmy Choo for their latest campaign.

A campaign titled “Shimmer in the Dark” to showcase the designer’s latest collection is getting labelled “sexist” and “disgusting” by both viewers and fans who believe the video promotes harassment and cat-calling.

The video features Cara walking the streets of New York City on her way to the club, where people whistle and shout praise for her shoes.

Described by Jimmy Choo as: “From the pre-prep to the early hours, it’s a whirlwind of disco, sparkles and great shoes” is not receiving the same outlook from the public.