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11th Mar 2019

Brian McFadden belted out a Westlife song at the Dancing On Ice wrap party

Olivia Hayes

He went all out.

The final of Dancing On Ice aired last night and the cast and crew certainly partied. As James Jordon and Alexandra Schauman came out victorious, they all took to a club to celebrate their win with everyone that took part in the series.

Brian McFadden was one of those people, and as documented on Wes Nelson’s Instagram Stories (oh, Wes came in second place, by the way), Brian is seen singing a full rendition of Westlife’s Flying Without Wings.

He’s pure belting it out right beside the DJ booth, and seems to be absolutely loving life. You can watch the whole thing on Wes’ Stories.

Meanwhile, James Jordon was also seen downing a bottle of wine at the party, as he was absolutely ecstatic to have won.

After he and Alexandra were announced as winners, the star burst into tears and said: “I can’t believe it. Oh my Gosh. I couldn’t have given it any more.”

Wes was also a graceful runner up, clapping and applauding his fellow contestants after their win. All in all, it seemed like a great night.