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30th Jun 2016

Body language expert has her say about what’s ACTUALLY going on with Hiddleswift


Cathy Donohue

If the expert says so…

With Hiddleswift hanging out in Rome this week, expressing their affection with a number of PDA’s, people are starting to think the romance is all for show.

Having met each other’s parents super quickly, and spotted on a number of public outings holding hands and looking very lovey-dovey, everyone if it’s wondering if it’s all just a big publicity stunt.

Body language expert Judy James has had her say on whether Tom and Taylor are the real McCoy.

Speaking to The Mirror UK, Judy, one of the UK’s leading behaviour and body language experts, said that the couple appear to be into “PDR’s”, otherwise known as public displays of romance, which are apparently different to a regular old PDA.

“Tom and Taylor seem less into PDAs and more into PDRs, as in public displays of romance, and looking at the techniques used by Tom here it’s the body language of romance circa 1890.

“Their meal together looks equally romantic although the hand-kiss is rarely used since women’s’ equality came in.

“It’s a gesture that looks lovely but feels quite strange for the girl as it’s hard to do anything much in reply other than giggle stupidly.

“Tom seems to be every woman’s ideal charmer though and it’s clear from Taylor’s response that she adores a bit of what she probably considers to be typical English wooing”.

According to Twitter, the romance is full-on fake and people think the photos of the couple are completely staged.

Much like Cheryl and Liam, we just want to know what the hell is actually going on.