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17th Dec 2022

Ben Platt speaks out about the rise of anti-Semitism over the last year

Not enough is being done.

With the rise of anti-Semitism online in recent weeks and months, many public figures and people within the media have been speaking out, but according to actor Ben Platt, there isn’t enough being done.

Ben Platt is best known for his role in The Politician on Netflix, where he played the lead role of Payton Hobart. He rose to fame when he starred on Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen, subsequently winning a Tony Award for his role and going on to star in the film adaption. You also may recognise him as the guy who does magic in the Pitch Perfect series.

With Kanye West at the helm of anti-Semitism online, Joe Biden was forced to address it on Twitter, writing: “The Holocaust happened. Hitler was a demonic figure. Silence is complicity.”

Reiterating the President’s words, Ben spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the issue, which hits a more personal spot as he is Jewish himself.

“This kind of thing seems to be appropriate for a lot of people to pass over and not comment. As a Jew, I really notice all of the silence,” the The People We Hate at the Wedding actor said.

“If anyone happens to read this and wants to say something, either through a simple or even passive showing of support, it means a lot to Jewish people right now who are feeling a little left in the lurch. I hope that it becomes something we can’t really ignore the way that we so beautifully don’t ignore so many other biases and forms of oppression. I’m hoping that those kinds of conversations can apply themselves to the Jewish people as well.”

This comes after Kanye West made comments recently both on Twitter and on Alex Jones’ podcast where he denied the Holocaust happened and admitted he admired Adolf Hitler, leading him to get banned on the social media app.