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17th Apr 2018

Bella Hadid has finally commented on those Weeknd hook up rumours

Olivia Hayes

We would love for these two to get back together.

But it seems it ain’t so.

Yep, over the weekend there were numerous rumours that Bella Hadid and her former boyfriend The Weeknd were seen hooking up at Coachella, but Bella has quickly put those rumours to bed.

E! News posted a picture of the couple with the caption, “The Weeknd and Bella Hadid were spotted ‘kissing all night’ at a #Coachella after party”.

Bella saw it and commented under it, saying: “It wasn’t me.”

The pair dated for two years before breaking up in 2016. The Weeknd then went onto date Selena Gomez but they broke up a year later.

Selena then went on to date Justin Bieber, but they are apparently now broken up too.

According to numerous sites, the day after Bella was/wasn’t spotted with The Weekend, he was seen with his arm around Instagram model Chantel Jefferies.

Chantel dated Justin Bieber in 2014, and they had a brief relationship.

Is it just us or does this remind you off that group of friends you had way back in school and everybody just dated each other for a while. No? OK.