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01st Feb 2024

Margot Robbie addresses Barbie Oscars snub

Anna Martin

margot robbie

Margot Robbie has finally addressed being snubbed by the Oscars

Despite starring in the top-grossing film in 2023, Barbie, Margot wasn’t nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

This stirred up a lot of drama amongst her fans with many calling out the Academy for acknowledging Ryan Gosling’s performance as Ken in a movie about the damage patriarchy can do.

Now the actress has spoken for the first time about the situation insisting that she’s “not sad” about it.

margot robbie
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“There’s no way to feel sad when you know you’re this blessed,” she said during a panel at a special SAG, according to Deadline

Margot, who also produced the much-loved movie, appeared to be more upset that the film’s director Greta Gerwig wasn’t recognised.

“Obviously I think Greta should be nominated as a director because what she did is a once-in-a-career, once-in-a-lifetime thing, what she pulled off, it really is,” she is quoted as saying.

“But it’s been an incredible year for all the films.”

The Australian actress added: “Everyone getting the nods that they’ve had is just incredible, and the best picture nod.

“We set out to do something that would shift culture, affect culture, just make some sort of impact. And it’s already done that and some, way more than we ever dreamed it would. And that is truly the biggest reward that could come out of all of this.”

Though Greta and Margot missed out on a shot of taking home an Oscar, Barbie did receive eight nominations overall.

Credit: Warner Bros

The best-supporting actor and actress nominees from the film, Ryan Gosling and America Ferrera, both expressed disappointment that the two women were not nominated.

“To say that I’m disappointed that they are not nominated in their respective categories would be an understatement,” Ryan said last week, adding that “there is no Ken without Barbie, and there is no Barbie movie without Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie.”

Barbie did receive nominations for Best Original Song, Best Costume and Best Production Design, as well.