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24th Jan 2019

Azealia Banks is now calling Irish people ‘inbred’ while also mocking the famine

Rebecca O'Keeffe

azealia banks

Too far, hun.

Listen, the killer thing about this entire scenario is that we love Azealia Banks, and her music.

But, you can’t go around calling Irish people ugly, vitamin deprived or anything else.

Frankly, you lying.

We all know Irish women have been admired for centuries for being stunning, so please, back off.

Anyway, just days after her Instagram rant about Aer Lingus staff, and Irish women in general, and the hate isn’t ending.

azealia banks

Not only has Azealia Banks been going off on her stories, she has also been replying to followers directly.

And the comments have been really horrible.

First up, the singer made fun of the Irish potato famine, where over 1 million people died…

Replying to one of her followers, she wrote: “Don’t you have a famine to go and die in?”

Harsh much?

But her bizarre hatred of Irish people (and her almost pathetic references) didn’t stop there.

azealia banks

Replying to another follower, Azealia wrote:

“You lot are a bunch of prideful inbred leprechauns who have ZERO global influence and ZERO white privilege. The rest of the world’s white folk don’t want to associate with you lot at all and it’s because you are barbarians.”

Zero global influence… does she realise how many people in her hometown of New York are Irish?

Anyway, continuing her rant, she wrote: “I’m happiest knowing the Irish are quarantined on an isle so they can continue to inbreed and keep their defective genes away from humanity.”

Rude and uncalled for.