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22nd Jun 2022

Apparently Harry Styles wasn’t allowed into a Dublin restaurant after staff didn’t cop who he was

“It was very funny to walk South William Street and see Harry Styles wandering around.”

A Dublin student has shared her experience of meeting Harry Styles in Dublin City on Tuesday and how she witnessed the star get refused from a restaurant when staff didn’t realise who he was.

The former One Direction member is playing the Aviva stadium on Wednesday evening. He’s been spotted enjoyed some time strolling around the capital with girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

Nicole, from Rathfarnham, saw Harry and the actress walk into one popular restaurant on South William street in Dublin in the hope of getting a table – only to walk out moments later.

Speaking on Strawberry Alarm Clock on FM104: “We just saw Harry Styles get rejected by a good few restaurants trying to get in so I just thought it was funny.

“I thought it was very funny to walk South William Street and see Harry Styles wandering around. He was trying to keep it on the DL (down low) obviously.

“There is a seafood restaurant on South William Street and he popped in but he ended up walking back out. That’s when I saw him.”

Nicole said she felt some fan’s reactions to seeing the singer were a bit much.

“There were a few people crying. It was a bit ridiculous, like.”

Harry and Olivia were also spotted outside Murphy’s ice cream store on Wicklow Street. Harry wore a blue jacket and Olivia donned a long patterned dress.

The pair’s relationship was confirmed last January when the pair were snapped holding hands at a wedding.

Olivia recently directed Harry in her new upcoming movie Don’t Worry Darling, where he stars in a leading role alongside Florence Pugh.