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23rd Apr 2020

So, Ansel Elgort uploaded a nude and donations rolled in for frontline workers

Niamh McClelland

These are tough times we live in, and most of us are more than willing to lend a hand right now.

It might be by adhering to social distancing guidelines, shopping for a vulnerable neighbour, raising money for a good cause, or if you’re Ansel Elgort, uploading nudes to Instagram.

Listen, hear us out.

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The Baby Driver star stripped off, stood beneath a shower, and ever so discretely covered himself for the greater good this week.

Wait, how was it for the greater good exactly?

Well, when he encouraged the public to click on the OnlyFans link in his bio, the link actually directed followers to GoFundMe site, Brooklyn For Life, which was established to provide meals to frontline workers.

Genius, no?

The initiative, which was established by actor Jeffrey Wright, states: “Restaurants are culture in Brooklyn. They’re where we eat, of course. They’re how we stay connected. They’re where we live.”

“100% of all monies raised (beyond GoFundMe’s processing fee & legal fees) will be used to provide meals from Brooklyn for Life! partner restaurants to the men and women on the frontlines.”

As of now, the page has raised $213,446, and Twitter has wasted no time paying tribute to Ansel and his thirst-trap for its success.

Instagram has since removed Ansel’s post, but the 26-year-old was keen to praise his fans and followers for the contributions they made in response to his upload, writing: “Hey you guys, I just wanted to say thanks so much, look how much everybody’s raised.”

 “I don’t know how much is from the post, but it seems like a lot of people have been giving in the last few hours. So thanks a lot, looks like it was worth it.”

Yeah, we’d say it probably was.