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06th Jun 2023

‘Are you okay?’- Amanda Holden mocks Holly Willoughby after her This Morning return

Kat O'Connor

Amanda Holden and Holly Willoughby

Amanda Holden posted a video mocking Holly Willoughby after the presenter’s return to This Morning.

On Monday’s show, Holly delivered an emotional speech following the never-ending Phillip Schofield scandal. The broadcasters were once incredibly close, but Willoughby made it clear that they’re no longer on good terms.

In the opening of Holly’s statement, she asked the viewers, ‘are you okay?’ which many found uncomfortable and cringe – including Amanda Holden.

So much so that the Britain’s Got Talent judge mocked Holly Willoughby on her Instagram story.

In the video, Amanda is dressed in all-white just like Holly was on her return to This Morning. 

@suffolkgirluk #hollywilloughby #amandaholden #thismorningitv ♬ original sound – Suffolk Girl

The radio presenter then said, “Hello, it is Tuesday. Are you OK?”

Many followers found her video hilarious, but others were less than impressed.

One said, “She really needs to grow up and stop acting like she’s still in the playground.”

Another added, “If Amanda could be anything she should be kind. she knows what it’s like to be unpopular.”

“She needs to grow up. Kicking a woman when she’s already down just to get herself some attention is pure playground bully stuff. How tacky and childish. I’m no fan of Holly, but she’d never act so desperate,” one wrote.

Others thought Holden’s video was harmless, “Not a fan of any of them, but I think what Amanda did/said was quite funny.”

“She is only making light of the situation,” another said.

Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield reportedly fell out after the broadcaster blocked Holden from hosting This Morning in 2018.


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