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13th Dec 2023

‘Am I wrong for insulting the food my wife made, despite not knowing she made it?’

Anna Martin

food cooking

It’s nice when someone makes food for you, isn’t it?

Imagine it’s bad, and you say that out loud without knowing your partner cooked it, in front of them.

For me personally I would be booking the next flight out of the country but for one man he’s currently trying to muddle his way through.

Turning to Reddit for advice, he explained: “I will try to keep it short. My wife and I are 46 and 47. We’ve been married 19 years now and not once in our marriage has she ever cooked.

“I honestly never minded, she’s told me that she’s terrible in the kitchen and I like to do it anyway. Yesterday, I had a long long day at work and told my wife this. She told me she would order food in so I didn’t have to cook.”

food cooking
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So when he gets home, he sits down to the meal but he finds it, “Bland, borderline gross and nothing to what I had tasted before.”

Continuing the story, he wrote: “My head was already pounding, I was not in the mood for some sh*tty food. I just looked up from the food and told her, ‘This f*cking sucks. Please don’t order from this place again.'” Big mistake.

“She got really quiet and then sad. I asked if everything was okay and she said yes. She still seemed off the whole dinner.

“After dinner, I wouldn’t stop bothering her. Wouldn’t stop asking her what was wrong. Until she finally snapped and told me she cooked the food, it wasn’t ordered.

“She said she was sorry and she won’t cook for me again, and I could see her tearing up. She went right to bed.”

Now the Redditor is wondering if he was wrong for accidently insulting his wife’s cooking.

One person commented: “You’re not wrong, but this is a sad story. Make it up to your wife. I feel bad. You had a long day and she surprised you so you didn’t know it was homecooked, you’re not wrong but also you hurt your wife a lot.”

food cooking
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Another agreed, writing: “I don’t think you’re wrong because there’s no realistic way you could have assumed she made this meal after almost two decades of NEVER making a meal herself AND hearing it from her own mouth that she would order food.”

While another seemed to offer some advice penning: “Why don’t you take her on one of the couples cooking classes for a date night? Or maybe the two of you try making a recipe together? Then you can both be at fault…”