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12th Dec 2023

Charlotte Crosby reveals struggle with ‘unbearable’ cough before finally getting diagnosis

Sophie Collins

Charlotte Crosby

The star has been struggling with health issues for months!

Reality star Charlotte Crosby revealed to fans that she had another trip to the hospital and has been diagnosed with suspected pneumonia.

This comes after months of health issues, where the Geordie Shore was left with endless coughing and chest infections lasting almost two months.

The 33-year-old took to Instagram to share the news, and said: “It’s been a very long 5/6 weeks of on and off coughing/ chest infections.

“And the whole time I’ve been struggling I’ve been doing the very most work-wise.”

She went on to explain that she had been “travelling up and down the country, trains, cars and almost planes,” and that on “a couple of occasions” she lost her “even losing my “entire voice at work.

“I’ve not been able to carry out some of the stuff I’ve had to.”

Charlotte said her health went from bad to worse, to the point where she couldn’t go a minute without coughing.

The star continued to fill fans in and said: “Only last week it just got so bad it was unbearable. Not even having 1 minute in between coughing fits!

“After 2 courses of antibiotics failed to shift anything I finally realised I had to slow the f*** down and get to hospital… So that’s where I spent most of yesterday in and out of doctors and hospital! with suspected pneumonia.

“I’ve been able to come home now and rest at home with a new course of antibiotics.

“So this is where I shall be for the foreseeable,” Charlotte admitted.

Charlotte Crosby