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23rd May 2022

Adele Roberts makes history by appearing on magazine cover with stoma bag

Sarah McKenna Barry

She’s been using a stoma bag as she undergoes cancer treatment.

Radio presenter Adele Roberts has made history by becoming the first person to appear on the cover of Women’s Health UK with a visible stoma bag.

Roberts has been using a stoma bag, which connects to her abdomen and collects waste, since undergoing surgery for bowel cancer last year.

In the interview with the magazine, she spoke about how since being diagnosed with cancer, she now has more gratitude for her body.

The DJ said: “Being diagnosed with cancer has meant I’ve learned to appreciate my body; be grateful that it works; be grateful they found the tumour in time to remove it and be grateful (that modern medicine means I can) have a stoma.”

She also pointed to the fact that one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, and said that she is proud to make the issue more visible.

Adele said: “That’s why it means so much – as someone undergoing cancer treatment and with a visible stoma – to be on the cover of Women’s Health.”

Earlier this year, the I’m A Celeb star appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss her diagnosis, which she said came as a “shock” to her.

She said: “It was a shock. I didn’t realise I could get cancer which I know sounds silly because I know now it can happen to anyone at any age.”

Adele also spoke about her symptoms.

“My digestion started to get a bit funny – after what we ate in the jungle I wasn’t surprised,” she said. “I noticed when I went to the toilet things like mucus and then blood. I didn’t know whether to call the doctor because of Covid I didn’t want to bother anyone. But it got so consistent that I thought I’d better call up just in case.”

For more information on stomach cancer, head to the Irish Cancer Society.