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19th May 2016

Adam Sandler did the coolest thing after finding his doppelganger online

What a hero.

Adam is such a hero.

A month ago Max Kessler posted a picture of him and Adam Sandler online saying that they look very alike. It was shared to Imgur and people agreed that there were stiking similarities. The most interesting part is that Adam’s most recent character is also called Max Kessler. Freaky!

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After the picture when viral, Adam spotted it and sent him back a personal message through Reddit with the following image:

Image via Reddit/AdamRSandler


Naturally, Max was up for the challenge and responded with:

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And then Adam did the coolest thing. He invited Max along to the premiere of his new movie The Do-Over, where he plays Max Kessler. adam2

Max updated all the Reddit and Imgur fans with a picture of the two of them on the red carpet and thanked Adam for flying him over to the premiere.

In the post he said, “Adam Sandler flew me out to the premier of “The Do-Over” after he saw my post here. Thank you Adam for the incredible experience and thank you Reddit for making it happen!”

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