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16th Dec 2022

Adam Collard is reportedly “texting” Katie Price after Paige Thorne split

Not what we expected.

Adam Collard is supposedly texting Katie Price following his split from Paige Thorne, and yes, this is a sentence we never thought we’d be writing.

After splitting from his Love Island girlfriend Paige in September following a huge cheating rumour, Adam seems to be moving on quickly.

He is now reportedly texting Katie following her split from fiancé Carl Woods and he is insisting to friends that he only wants to help train her and feeling her best.

A source told The UK Sun: “Adam works as a PT and has been texting Katie saying he wants to work with her – get her back in the gym and get her life in order.

“He thinks he can get her back on track, so got her number from a mate to offer his help.”

Adam addressed a viral video which showed him with his arm around another woman while he was still in a relationship with Paige Thorne.

In a new interview with The Sun, Adam addressed the video, and claimed that the whole thing “got blown out of proportion”.

He explained that the girl he had his arm around was part of a group of fans who approached them looking for a photo.

Adam said: “She actually was really nice and polite and we’d had a couple of drinks but what she said was ‘I got in tonight to the club but my friends didn’t.’

“So what you don’t actually see in the video is the camera goes around and I get photos with all of her friends like that and take pictures with all of them.”

He continued: “It was just a laugh and carry on. Again, another thing you don’t see is that two of my friends are actually on the left and right. All we were doing was waiting for food and took pictures with people in there.

“The blonde girl has publicly said she went home on her own and again at the end of the video you don’t see her go left and me go right. But that doesn’t matter because people want to believe what they want to believe.”