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18th Nov 2014

Actor Admits He Almost Missed The Birth Of His First Child Because He Was In The Pub

He welcomed baby Otis with Olivia Wilde in April.

Actor Jason Sudeikis has admitted that he almost missed the birth of his first child with Olivia Wilde, as he decided to get a drink instead of rushing to the hospital.

The Horrible Bosses star welcomed baby Otis in April but during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, he revealed that the baby was two weeks premature and the couple were at a concert when her water broke.

Their doctor told them not to worry but to attend the hospital for tests the following morning, where they got some unexpected news.

“So we go there, we think we’re going to be in and out in two hours, they are going to do three tests to see of her water has broken and were going to hit brunch. When we get there the first two test are fine, the third test takes a little longer before the nurse comes back in and we’re like ”What’s going on?”

“And, she’s like ”You’re going to have this baby today”. And were like ”What about brunch?'”

He went on to describe how although “moaning in pain understandably… like zombie style”, his actress wife was “stunning” while in labour and thinking he had a long night ahead, he left the hospital at 9pm to get some food.

“I’m going to Taco Bell because I’m about to be a dad. I get my two chicken soft [tacos] and a Pepsi, I’m ready to go. I take a photo of it send it to her she’s going ‘Hahahaha’.

“I’m like what would a dad from the Fifties do? He’d go to a bar. So I wander into a bar. It was just two shots, it wasn’t a drink, it wasn’t a mojito – that takes a lot of time.”

However, the actor missed a call from the hospital and ended up having to race “like a scene in a Tom Cruise movie” to witness the birth.

“I downed my drink. [Going to the bar was] not dumb, I thought we had four hours, what I felt dumb about was I throwing a $20 on the bar realising I’d already paid for the drink after I left. That’s karma.”