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13th Apr 2016

New App To Trial Tattoos Before Taking The Plunge

Deciding on a tattoo just got easier...

Getting a tattoo is a huge commitment a lot of us just can’t make.

Going under the needle is a decision that should be thought long and hard about, as a tattoo is not just for today and tomorrow, it’s for life. It’s hard to be absolutely sure of the design, the size, the font and how it will actually appear on your skin.

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Well, deadly news! New app ‘Ink Hunter’ gives you the opportunity to try out tattoos before getting all inked up.

Using Snapchat style filters, the app determines the size and placement of your tattoo and more importantly, lets you send the designs to your mates to get their opinion.

As much as the app will influence your decision to get your tattoo, it hasn’t yet been specified if it will make your tatts as cool as Rihanna’s. If only.

Video via Youtube/Ink Hunter