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10th Apr 2016

Facebook Is Worried About The Way We Use The Site Changing

We seem to be using it very differently these days.

Facebook is worried about losing users because people are sharing less and less information on the site.

According to The Independent, people are still updating on the site frequently, but this isn’t the problem. The real issue lies with the type of content and information the post contains.

For example, people are posting but they are not creating long personal statuses anymore. In fact, many of the posts on Facebook are now links to other websites or information about an event in the real world being organised on the site.

It seems that people are not willing to share their personal data on the site as much as they were a few years ago and are using apps like Instagram or Snapchat to share more intimate details of their lives.

The ‘On This Day’ is a feature that has been introduced to encourage the sharing of personal information, and the push towards live video is thought to be a response to the exponential growth of Snapchat over the last few years.