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06th Apr 2017

7 things only people who truly ADORE grocery shopping will understand

Brought to you by Electric Ireland Rewards.

Apparently, there are people in this world who DON’T like shopping for groceries.

To that, we say ‘pish-posh!’ Because for the rest of us (we’re the sane ones here, folks) popping to the shops is one of life’s great pleasures.

All that new, fresh, wonderful food – and the endless possibilities that produce holds. Oh, the meals we will make; the snacks we’ll prepare; the tasty morsels we will whip up.

Here, we’ve rounded up the top seven things that only people who truly ADORE a supermarket shopping binge will understand…

1) You plan everything around your Big Shop

There is nothing like the Big Shop. It’s what you were raised on, after all. Hitting those aisles with true purpose; loading up that trolley until it’s practically buckling under the weight of our precious load of produce. Bliss.

2) You LOVE when new products land

Well, hello there newly-launched cereal brand; good day to you latest variant of your favourite product; pleased to meet you, healthy twist on an unhealthy staple. In short, new products make any visit to a supermarket worthwhile.

3) You embrace the ‘pop to the shops’ mentality

Your flatmate/family member/significant other has barely uttered a ‘Oh no, we’re out of ketchup…’ when you’re darting for the front door, putting on your coat while grabbing your wallet and a bag-for-life. Any. Excuse.

4) You know exactly where everything is

And we mean everything! You pretty much have the floor plan of your local shop memorised down to the last tin of beans.

5) A special offer has your week made

Let’s be honest – it just adds an extra layer of excitement to what is already a pretty darn exciting experience.

Many stores and online retailers alike offer smart reward programmes to help you save on purchases. This is a no-brainer, certainly if the store in question is one you use frequently and regularly.

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6) You’re a supermarket tourist

Visiting another country? That means visiting weird and wonderful new supermarkets. Oh, the odd cuts of questionable meat; the gentle waft of fermenting fruits; the intimidating counters behind which wonders lie. Joyous!

7) You pride yourself on your queuing skills

Lining up alongside mere amateurs – you are confident of getting through that checkout faster and more efficiently than anyone else. #winning


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