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05th Sep 2023

This Vitamin E serum from The Body Shop is a game-changer

The Body Shop has become my go-to for affordable, but reliable skincare in recent months.

As someone who suffers from acne-prone skin, it can be incredibly difficult to find a product that suits your skin type, especially one as sensitive as mine.

I swear by their Vitamin C exfoliator and use their Camomile Cleansing Butter daily, but I’ve fallen in love with another one of their products.

Their Vitamin E Bi-Phase Serum promises to double down on hydration which makes it perfect for anyone suffering from dry skin.

The serum is enriched with 95% natural origin ingredients and is also vegan.

It works in two phases to help hydrate your skin for up to 30 hours.

According to The Body Shop team:

“The serum phase, formulated with natural-origin hyaluronic acid, helps to provide intense hydration. Hyaluronic acid might sound a little, well, technical, but it’s simply a naturally occurring molecule that attracts 1000X its weight in water.

“The oil phase, enriched with raspberry seed oil, which is known to be a source of vitamin E, helps to leave skin looking smoother and plump with moisture, all day long. This phase also helps to lock in hydration, leaving skin feeling more supple.”

When it comes to sustainability, this serum is ticking a lot of boxes. The product itself is vegan, but the packaging is also made from recycled glass, which can actually be recycled again.

The raspberry seed oil doesn’t just soothe your skin. It is made from leftover raspberries from the juice industry, which helps minimise food waste.

But how do you use a Bi-Phase Serum?

The Body Shop shared a simple guide and it works like a charm.

All you need to do is shake the bottle before use and massage 2-3 drops into cleansed skin. Give the serum time to sink into your skin before applying other products.

You should use it both day and night.

You can pick up the Vitamin E Bi-Phase Serum at your nearest The Body Shop now.