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22nd Sep 2016

The one hair product blondes should always stay away from

No way.

Calling all blonde-haired ladies.

I was always of the opinion that hair oil was suitable for all hair types, ideal when you need an extra burst of moisture and hydration.

However, it turns out that hair oil (particularly ones that are yellow in colour) should never be used if you have blonde hair.


It can contribute to brassiness, turning glossy blond tones to that harsh yellow look.

Spotted on Byrdie, Sibi Bolan creative colour consultant at Josh Wood, explained the science behind this.

It’s best to avoid hair oil if you can and opt for a masque/leave-in conditioner instead but if you can’t give it up entirely, then opt for a clear oil.

A woman holding her blonde hair over her eyes and nose

In conversation with Byrdie, Sibi said:

“For beautiful bright blonde hair, avoid hair oils that are yellow in colour”.

“Yellow oils tend to be heavier on fine European hair types, also leaving it a little overloaded”.

Sibi also went on to say that the oil can have more of an impact on people with super blond/ platinum hair.

“The lighter your shade of blonde is, the more likely it is to stain and turn it slightly brassy or yellow over time”.

With that in mind, it’s wise to have a look at the colour of the oil next time you’re purchasing.