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25th Aug 2023

What is the ‘Skin Flooding’ trend and should we be doing it?

Is it as scary as it sounds?

Most trends that come on the scene often come with cute, pretty, and inviting names, but this one evokes a sense of fear, if I’m honest.

Skin flooding is a skincare trend that took over TikTok this year and involves exactly what you’d imagine: layering multiple skincare products onto damp skin.

This is done in a bid to lock in moisture to help skin appear smoother, with the star of the show being hyaluronic acid. But should we be doing it?

According to the skincare brand REN, we definitely should.

In fact, they say, because this skin flooding isn’t ‘an inherently irritating skincare routine, it can be effective on most skin types.

Basically, skin flooding involves saturating your skin with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid to deliver an efflux of moisture to the deepest layers of the skin.

My personal hyaluronic hero is the serum from the skincare brand Q+A, which also recommends using it on damp skin for best results.

Credit: Q+A

Hyaluronic serum also works to plump out and smooth the appearance of fine dehydration lines and strengthen your skin barrier.

The trend’s only goal is to boost the skin’s hydration levels, which, as REN confirms, is never a bad thing no matter what skin type you have.

They do, however, advise against the trend if you have acne-prone skin, as layering on multiple products could lead to a potential breakout, and those with hyper-sensitive skin should err on the side of caution before diving into skin flooding.

While we are all tempted to jump on the newest viral skincare trend, especially when it receives a thumbs up from skincare brands and professionals, it is also recommended that we all consult a professional before doing so.