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21st Feb 2018

Kim Kardashian says she’s “obsessed” with this €3 shampoo

Cathy Donohue

Have you heard of it?

We love a good budget beauty buy and when they come celebrity-recommended, we just have to listen.

This particular one comes courtesy of Kim Kardashian because she’s “obsessed” with a shampoo that retails around the €3.50 mark.

Finesse Restore + Strengthen Moisturizing Shampoo is one of Kim’s faves because of its moisturising properties.

Kim has previously featured it in a piece on her app and couldn’t speak highly enough about the bargain product.

“It makes your hair really shiny and soft. I just feel like it cleans my hair even better than some of the more expensive brands. I even turned some of my sisters onto it, too!”

Apparently, Kim raved about it so much that Kendall also became a fan and credits it with keeping her hair “silky”.

The successful model even said that she’s tried numerous other brands and keeps coming back to this one.

Of course, this particular shampoo is readily available in pharmacies and outlets in America but if you want to order it from Ireland, you’ll have to pay for postage etc.

We’re thinking that if you have a visit to the US planed or you know someone who does, it might be worth stocking up on a couple of bottles…just to see what all the fuss is about.