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19th Jun 2021

Goodbye chub rub! We have found the BEST product to stop thigh chafing – and it’s a bargain

Trine Jensen-Burke

Summer is here, and the hot, clammy weather to match.

And I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than to wear a flowy summer dress and sandals all day (and night) long – as perfect on a coffee run during your WFH day as it is for staycations and road trips.

However, there is one thing that the hot weather brings with it that we are all less keen on: Thigh chafing.

Not only can your thighs rubbing together end up making you feel even more hot and sticky than you already are, but it can also be flat out painful.

Whether you’re sitting down, running or walking — thigh chafing can really be uncomfortable, so much so that many actually avoid wearing dresses or shorts for that reason alone.

Well, no more!

We have found the most amazing product that’ll kiss thigh chafing goodbye forever – and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Say hello to XBC Liquid Talc – which is, in fact, actually a baby product, designed to be used much as the same as you would baby powder, just in a lot less messy way.

And lucky for us, this products does so much more than prevent nappy rash in newborns!

The talc goes on much like a lotion, and the best bit? It doesn’t feel sticky, nor does it leave marks on your clothes, or end up everywhere, like regular talcum powder would.

A 200 ml bottle costs just €6.74 on Amazon, and if the reviews are to be believed, this might just be the best €6 you’ll spend this summer:

“Excellent! Never heard about liquid talc until a friend told me about it. Just been to Italy on holiday and it was great no more chafing and it smells divine – would certainly recommend to the larger lady for those areas where it’s needed” one person wrote.

Another one said:

“I love this liquid to talc lotion. It doesn’t dry the skin out like talcum powder does. It smells lovely too. Delivery was speedy. I will definitely buy this again.”