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27th Sep 2017

I tried out bareMinerals BAREPRO foundation and here’s what I think

So, my foundation had run out and it was time to go in search for another.

My last foundation was also by bareMinerals – their BARESKIN pure brightening serum foundation. Probably too dewy for me, but I loved the natural look it gave.

Being a fan, I returned to the brand that I believed would keep me happy once more. I only buy cruelty free brands so that was also a factor for me initially.

Buying any new foundation is never easy. We stand there hoping the thing actually does what it’s supposed to as we part – in this case – with €32.

I went for the BAREPRO liquid foundation in the shade named ‘warm natural 12’ to be precise, along with the foundation brush they created for the new mix.

I’m not a fan of dark foundations as I think my face looks better with a lighter (not to be confused with pale/white) colour, allowing me to use bronzer for contouring and in the areas the sun would naturally hit.

bareMinerals claim their new BAREPRO liquid foundation lasts for up to 24-hours and its breathable coverage blurs pores as well as imperfections. I have imperfections around my jaw line on a regular basis so this element had me curious.

I’ve been using the BAREPRO now for two weeks and I have to say, overall, I’m rather impressed. I pop it on around 7am in the morning and I won’t cleanse my skin until around 10pm. I walk to work in the mornings but because I have some sort of issue where I can’t walk slowly, I essentially power-walk and it can be more of a workout than a pleasant stroll.

I end up having a sweat-moustache and sparkly wet forehead by the time I reach work which I then have to VERY gently dab off with a tissue. The point is, the light tissue dabbing took off NONE of the makeup. NONE!

My sweat even comes through it without the makeup wearing away! Some sort of miracle I say.

My worry initially when buying this liquid foundation was that it might be too matte or heavy – I’m not a fan of the dried-out skin look. I much prefer a healthy glow, and it turns out I’ve gotten that required glow plus the long-lasting element with this foundation.

7am morning foundation application (before-pic)

10:15pm before taking off my makeup I had on all day without topping up (after-pic)

The after pic probably doesn’t do the foundation justice. I’m a person who has a VERY oily forehead and nose especially by the end of the day and after 15 hours of wearing the same makeup (ZERO topping up) the lack of shine is pretty amazing for me. Anyone in the same boat will likely appreciate the coverage and lasting effects BAREPRO foundation offers.

The foundation I used to have was much more watery and so it spread easier. This way I managed to get nearly a year’s worth of foundation from the bottle.

With BAREPRO it spreads perfectly and evenly, but I find I’m probably using more out of the bottle during each use. So, it should be interesting to see how long it lasts for, compared to my last foundation. Certainly after two weeks, there’s still oodles left!

I should mention I turned off the portrait effect on my camera – you know the one that can make your skin tone even and looking fabulous (or scary depending on your taste), so the coverage seen is true to life.

Note: Avoid installing unflattering spotlights in one’s bathroom – unless creating ugly shadows that make your blemishes stand out is actually your thing.

Feature image: Instagram