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13th Sep 2023

Tourists will have to pay €5 to enter Venice from next year

Good to know if you’re visiting Venice next year.

If you’re planning on visiting Venice next year then take note.

Tourists will have to pay €5 to enter Venice from next year after a new trial was approved with the hope of controlling tourism.

The Italian city will introduce a temporary fee of €5 for all visitors over the age of 14.

They will have to pay €5 so they can enter the city. The fee must be paid in advance, according to Venice city council.

Speaking about the trial, city council member Simone Venturini told BBC:

“Venice is among the most visited European cities… [and so] suffers the most from excess tourism.”

“The objective is to invite daily tourists to choose [off-peak] days. Tourists who stay overnight in the city will be exempt.

“We want to test [the fee] and, if needed, improve it. We cannot discuss for [an]other 40 years what’s best to do.”

The city council is growing concerned about overcrowding in the city and hopes the trial will limit the number of tourists visiting.

They believe the number of visitors could exceed pre-pandemic levels if it is not controlled.

Venice is one of the most visited provinces in Veneto with around 9 million annual visitors.