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06th Sep 2022

5 thoughts I had while staying at The Dean Hotel in Galway

From the cocktails to the bathroom mirror, I was impressed.

Who doesn’t love a cheeky night away at a boutique hotel? Good food, comfy beds, and chic cocktails, there’s a lot to be said for a super quick getaway. Craving one to wrap up summer, I packed an overnight bag and took a train west to Galway, to stay at The Dean, which is conveniently situated on Prospect Hill, a mere seven minute walk from the train station. Here’s how I got on.

1. It’s kind of like a ‘best of’ Press Up Entertainment Group

When you walk into the lobby, there’s an Elephant and Castle on your right and a Dime Coffee on your left. It’s hard to spot the reception desk – or the Ooh La La desk as it’s known here – but it’s there, right in front of the merch. Once you’re given your key, you’re free to check out Sophie’s Rooftop Bar, which is, naturally, on the roof. Even the bedrooms come stocked with some Stella Cinema jellies. Delish.

2. The shower mirrors are equipped with some sort of magical anti-steam technology

Through some sort of magic (or, let’s face it, science), the showers at The Dean are powered in such a way that you can enjoy as steamy a wash as you like, and a perfect face-height square of mirror will remain completely clear. Now, I’m not sure who needs this groundbreaking technology but as a narcissist I was happy to see it (literally) all the same.

3. You’ll go to bed well fed

For dinner, we went to Sophie’s Rooftop Bar, which was nothing short of delightful. As well as sweeping views of the city stretching out to the sea, we enjoyed a hearty but tasty three-course meal. To start, we shared the prawn tempura and a filling burrata dish before our mains of chicken supreme and a shoulder of lamb arrived. The dessert menu was varied, but I opted for a simple Sundae which hit the spot all the same. The next morning, we returned to Sophie’s and indulged in two of the decadent breakfast options – buttermilk pancakes and eggs Florentine.

4. The cocktails are something else

No hotel stay is complete without a cocktail or two at dinner, and The Dean delivers on this regard. I ordered the Rated R, and it was truly something to behold. I expected a fruity vodka cocktail, which came complete with a generous toasted marshmallow-style sealant on top. As odd (and surprisingly chewy) as it may sound, it was quite tasty.

5. There’s a penchant for nostalgia

By now, we’re all familiar with PressUp Group’s preferred aesthetic. The hotel’s style is distinctly Art Deco, and this is felt everywhere from the lobby to the halls to the rooms themselves. The room came equipped with a retro telephone, a Marshall amp, a record player and a record to pop in there (we got one by Gill Scott-Heron). As well as being tastefully kitted out, the room was, above all else, an enjoyable place to stay. The bed was comfortable, and the TV was well stocked with entertainment options (hello Netflix). Would recommend.

This writer was gifted a one-night stay at the Dean Hotel in Dublin including dinner and breakfast in exchange for a fair review.