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15th Jul 2019

There’s a hotel in the Maldives where you can kip under a duvet on a net in the middle of the ocean

Jade Hayden


Sorry, now.

Imagine the best sleep of your entire life.

Does it involve a comfy duvet? Does it involve some calming sounds? Does it involve a net suspended above the ocean that’s also attached to a luxury hotel in the Maldives?

It probably does, yeah.

And if so, you’re in absolute luck because staying a night in the Grand Park Kodhipparu hotel will allow you to do just that.

For just $400 (€355) per night, you can leave all your cares behind and literally throw caution to the wind as you relax under a duvet on a literal net suspended above the sea.

Or, you can skip the duvet and just lay there yourself, sure in the knowledge that you are entirely safe and there’s no way you could drown.

The remote hotel contains 120 villas, each with their own private pool and the elusive net (or “built-in hammock” as it is called on their website) that hangs above the water.

Perfect for all your Instagram needs. And a terrifying night sleep.

“Wake up to the beautiful sunny day in the private ocean water villa, located near the island facilities and offers limitless views of the sky and sea,” reads the hotel’s website.

“Also features a private terrace with sun lounger, inviting steps to the underwater world as well as an expansive bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower.”

The villa also includes sun loungers, indoor and outdoor showers, a day bed, access to the reef and ocean, and a minibar.

Suddenly, 355 quid doesn’t seem like all that much.

This comes after another resort in the Maldives announced that they were looking for somebody to come and look after their turtles for the summer.

The Coco Resort was hiring an intern for their Marine Turtle Rescue Centre for two weeks in August, which would see the lucky applicant looking after the turtles, posting on Instagram, and going to workshops with veterinary experts.

Unfortunately, the gig wasn’t paid, but they were offering free flights over, free meals and free accommodation.

There was also the offer of sunset cruises, diving, dolphin watching, and a guided group snorkelling trip in the stunning Baa Atoll.

Not a bad shout.

You can find out more about the Grand Park hotel, and the stunning built-in hammock, here.