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05th Oct 2018

The one place to get to for a last-minute autumn/winter escape


Brought to you by Sunway Holidays.

Pleading with the sun not to leave us too soon?

You’re not alone ladies. Plenty of us still want to take a dip in the sea without goose bumps, feel the sand between our toes and smell the sea breeze and suncream each morning. Thankfully, there’s one majestic spot that’s ideal for jetting off to during the autumn/winter season.

Enter Cyprus – the Eastern Mediterranean island where the sun shines all year long and each season brings something a little different yet just as beautiful as the last.

1. Paphos

Situated on the west coast of Cyprus, Paphos boasts some truly stunning beaches, a beautiful harbour and plenty of outdoor eats (Mediterranean style). You’ll never be too far from live music either or a spot of shopping (should you be unable to stay away). Take it all in though and go for a snorkel or a dive in those stunningly clear, turquoise waters.

East of Paphos you’ll find the famous Rock of Aphrodite – the Greek Goddess of love and beauty – said to have magical powers. The Tombs of Kings and the Paphos Archaeological Park are part of the UNESCO List of World Heritage. They’re just a little further down the road towards the west of the town. It’s the perfect holiday destination for couples, families and friends looking to relax.

2. Larnaca

Larnaca itself is a beautiful mix of East meets West. There’s plenty for eyes to gawk at as centuries of different cultures and influences have passed through here, helping to shape it’s stunning landscape. Be sure to hop on a bike, enjoy an easy cycle through the forest or push yourself with a spot of mountain biking. The Church of Saint Lazarus and the Mosque of Hala Sultan are two of the top attractions in the city. Of course, don’t miss out on the long sandy beach, salt lake, marina and castles. The shopping is supposed to be great too. Larnaca is just a 15 minute drive from the main Larnaca airport and a 1 hour 30 minute drive from Paphos airport.

3. Protaras

Protaras is just a one hour drive from Lanarca airport and it’s perfect for both couples and families. Lots of fun, sandy beaches, hiking trails, yummy restaurants, entertainment hubs to dance the night away and superb local wines that yes, we want to try.

4. Limassol

The town of Limassol is situated between the ancient towns of Amathus and Curium. It’s the island’s second largest city and it’s bustling with life, especially around the lively 10-mile seafront that’s dotted with bars, taverns and excellent shopping.

Limassol is famous for its long cultural tradition, as well as its major folklore festivities. Visitors have the chance to experience various cultural activities and more – like theatre, dancing and musicals in addition to visiting museums and archaeological sites around the city. These provide an astonishing combination of Frankish, Byzantine, Ottoman and contemporary influences.

The beaches are well suited to lots of playtime, sunbathing and long walks with a mixture of soft sand and shingle. There’s certainly no shortage of entertainment.

5. Pissouri

Crystal clear waters, green hills, terrific hospitality and a gem named Pissouri Beach that has been awarded the European Blue Flag. It’s a pretty unique spot thanks to its diverse landscape making it a travel destination ‘must’.

Look out for all the gorgeous four and five star hotels at each destination with Sunway. Expect world-class spas, biking, diving, water sports, and a luxurious holiday feel.

Well ladies and gentlemen – we only wish we were jetting off to the sunshine with you!

Brought to you by Sunway Holidays.