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04th Jul 2022

‘I’m Irish!’ – Selling Sunset stars Mary and Romain return to Dublin for pints and trad

Jade Hayden

By Fiona Frawley

Their skills must be needed, seeing as a 2 bed semi on the Dublin/Meath border would set you back more than a Beverly Hills condo at this point.

Just a few short months after their first visit in December, Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet returned to Dublin’s fair city over the weekend.

A series of Dublin-based Instagram stories from Romain kicked off with a clip of himself and Mary sitting on what looked suspiciously like an Aircoach, with Mary proclaiming: “we have a surprise! I’m doing something really exciting right now so that’s why I’m all dolled up”.

Their well documented visit included a walk down Trinity Street, a second trip to Monaghan’s Cashmere (they can’t get enough of the place), and a trad session accompanied by Guinness of both the pint and baby varieties at Trinity Bar on Dame Street.

Obviously, the main question on everyone’s lips: do they even know they’re sitting across the road from Gay Spar? One of the most culturally significant parts of their visit, it has to be said.

By the looks of it, they enjoyed a quintessentially Irish day at the pub, in the sense that they arrived when it was bright out and  stayed well into the night.

Romain also shared a number of videos of singer Jake Keys, who was performing at the bar, with the caption “he is so damn talented”.

The extended sesh could explain why Romain shared another update this morning, this time at Dublin Airport, with the caption “this is freaking brutal”. As we know well, the airport is not a pleasant place to be at the moment – throw a Guinness hangover into the mix and you’re in for a world of pain.

To be fair, the queue looks to be moving relatively well – Romain should count himself lucky he didn’t end up in the infamous outdoor “holding area” for early passengers.

Header image via Instagram/Romain Bonnet