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02nd Dec 2020

Grace and Jonathan’s beach house from The Undoing is on Airbnb now

Jade Hayden

Fancy hiding a hammer or?

We know, we know. Travel is out of the question right now. We can’t go anywhere, including the beach house from popular HBO show The Undoing.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still dream, right? That we can’t imagine ourselves hitting up that very beach house, having a lovely time, chilling by the sea, and concealing a murder weapon? Spoilers, etc.

Well, at some point in the future we might be able to do just that because Grace and Jonathan’s beach house that they spent many a summer in is now available to rent on Airbnb. Or rather, it was probably always available to rent on Airbnb but we didn’t care as much because it wasn’t the house from The Undoing then.

The house has got six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and is situated in East Marion, New York.

“This super romantic six-bedroom house was originally built as a coast guard life saving station in 1893,” reads the host description.

“It has been beautifully renovated, and furnished with vintage furniture, to maintain its classic farmhouse charm, but with many modern conveniences. This is a family house, used by its owners throughout the year and lovingly lived in.”

The house also featured in HBO’s Girls a few years back where no murder weapons were hidden in the outdoor fireplace, so if you fancied heading down to the place for a nice, cosy stay unrelated to crime, you can do that too.

A versatile property, if we ever did see one.

The house is currently for rent for a minimum stay of one week between June and September, and a minimum two night stay all year round.

If you were hoping to book a stay, you might want to break out the credit card because a two night stay will currently set you back about two grand.

But hey, it’s a nice house. Go wild.

You can check out the listing here. 


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