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02nd Dec 2020

The son in The Undoing is the real life child of Corrie star Katy Cavanagh

Jade Hayden

Who among us could have foreseen this?

Unless we had spied a quick and easy glance at his iMDB.

The Undoing has been the talk of murder mystery fans, Hugh Grant fans, and general gruesome killing fans for some time now.

The HBO series, which came to its harrowing and shocking conclusion earlier this week, has captured the hearts and minds of those among us who enjoy a good whodunnit, and proof that Hugh Grant can, indeed, act.

And despite the shock and horror that emerged following the series’ recent climax (no spoilers), it’s Grant and Kidman’s on screen son that has got people talking – or rather, the actor who plays him has.

Actor Noah Jupe no doubt hit it out of the park on the series, and it turns out that his acting abilities weren’t just borne of nothing. Because he’s actually the real life son of Coronation Street star Katy Cavanagh.

Cavanaugh played the iconic Julie Carp in the ITV soap for seven years from 2008 and 2015.

Originally introduced as the new girlfriend of Kirk Sutherland, Carp was involved in several significant Corrie storylines over the years, from being revealed as Eileen Grimshaw’s half-sister to having sex with Jason despite the fact that they are, indeed, related.

Acting royalty, this one.

The Undoing left fans fairly rattled, but as it turns out, so did the fact that Henry is actually British.

But hey, so is Hugh Grant and we’re all perfectly fine with that.

The Undoing has become one of the year’s most popular series, averaging a score of 74% of Rotten Tomatoes and much praise for its convoluted storytelling and impressive performances from Kidman, Grant and co-star Donald Sutherland.

Based on the 2014 novel You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz, the miniseries premiered on HBO in October.


The Undoing