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28th Aug 2023

Multiple Irish flights cancelled due to UK network failure

BY Fiona Frawley

Dublin Airport has issued an update after a number of flights were delayed.

Passengers in a number of airports are facing delays and rescheduled flights as the NATS works to resolve a technical issue.

The service has stressed that UK airspace is not closed, but air traffic flow restrictions are in place to ensure safety.

It’s a particularly busy travel day for UK airports, today being the country’s summer bank holiday.

As reported by ABC News, NATS has not given an estimate of how long it would take to fix the problem, or what had caused it, but European air traffic authority Eurocontrol has warned of “very high” delays because of a “flight data processing system failure” in the U.K.

Airports both inside and out of the UK have said passengers can expect delays and cancellations.

Dublin Airport has advised travellers to contact their airlines for the latest status of their flights.

Speaking to Sky News, Aviation analyst and former BA pilot Alastair Rosenschein said that the air traffic system may have suffered “some kind of patchy failure as opposed to a total shutdown,” and has predicted that “disruption will be quite severe at some airports” with the potential for some U.K.-bound flights to land in other European countries in order to reduce the flow of inbound planes.


This article originally appeared on Lovin Dublin.