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15th Nov 2021

You can now visit a Shrek-themed Christmas grotto in London

Sarah McKenna Barry

This looks Shrek-cellent.

As the old saying goes, there is no better Christmas film than Shrek.

OK, no one ever says that, but perhaps they should? While Shrek isn’t even set during winter, it has all the makings of a family classic. Killer soundtrack? Check. Quotable lines? Check. Adult jokes that go way over the heads of younger audience members? Check, check, check.

For those among us who are ready to embrace the Christmas potential of the Shrek universe, a delightful event awaits us this December, and it’s just over the pond.

That’s right, Santa better watch out because a Shrek-themed Christmas grotto is coming to London next month.

Christmas is officially saved.

The experience takes place in Shrek’s Adventure, on the banks of the Thames, near Westminster, and it gives fans and their families the chance to get up close and personal with the main man himself.

We can hear Santa quaking in his boots as we speak.

The event’s official description reads: “The most magical time of year arrives back at Shrek’s Adventure London this December, so get ready to swap Donkey for Dasher and swamps for sleighs.”

Visitors are invited to “step into the fairytale world of Far, Far Away” as they are “transported on a journey through Shrek’s swamp”.

Fans can also expect “carolling elves, a festive Shrek and plenty of Christmas cheer along the way”.

If that weren’t enough, Shrek-enthusiasts will be also have the opportunity to pose with Shrek, and take home a delicious candy treat – both of which are included in the ticket.

Pre-booking is advised as the event only runs on particular dates in December. Ticket prices start at £27 (€31.70) per person.

For more information on the Shrek-themed Christmas grotto, as well as Shrek’s Adventure generally, head to the attraction’s official website right here.