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29th Jun 2018

This ‘airbag’ for your mobile phone will keep your screen from smashing

This is the technology we didn't know we needed

Reuben Pinder

It’s the bit of technology that we never knew we needed.

This is what every technological advancement has been building up to. The wheel? Meh. The automobile? Big woop. Wifi? Nothing special.

Sometimes, I find myself thinking that we have come so far in terms of technological developments that I ponder whether anything useful will ever be invented again.

Then something like a ‘mobile phone airbag’ comes along.

Those words just look wrong together. But the product looks so right. It’s the development we didn’t know we needed, but when you see it, it’s so obvious.

And we definitely want to get our hands on one now.

Cases are great, sure, but they can be clunky and they’re not foolproof – and a cracked screen isn’t particularly fun to deal with.

The mobile phone airbag is an emergencies only addition that will no doubt save many clumsy folk from smashing their phone screens.

The design comprises a subtle protective case with sensors on the outside that spring into action when they detect that the phone is freefalling.

Once you’ve retrieved the phone, you simply pop them back in and continue going about with your day.