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02nd Dec 2021

You can now get £150,000 if you let a robot use your face and voice

It’s giving… Black Mirror.

A European artificial intelligence company is offering people £150,000 to anyone willing to let their face and voice be used for a new robot.

Promobot is creating new super realistic robots but they are hoping to base their looks off of real people to make them seem even more lifelike than we thought possible.

The company is looking for a “kind and friendly” face and are taking applications from any race or gender as long as you’re over 25.

They wrote on its website: “Our company is developing technologies in the field of facial recognition, as well speech, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence and other areas of robotics.

“Since 2019, we have been actively manufacturing and supplying humanoid robots to the market.

“Our new clients want to launch a large-scale project, and as for this, they need to license a new robot appearance to avoid legal delays.”

The successful candidates won’t just be taking selfies as part of the job application, they’ll need to make a 3D model of their own face and body to be replicated for the robot’s physical features.

When it comes to the voice, they will need to dictate at least 100 hours of speech material so that the voice can be copied and used by the machine to be able to communicate with customers.

The candidates will also need to “sign a license agreement” that allows “the use of your appearance for an unlimited period.”

Promobot already uses robots in 43 countries, with them working as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides and concierges.

The company is hoping to launch their new human-like robots in hotels, shopping centres and airports across North America and the Middle East from 2023.