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05th Oct 2021

9 of the best memes from when Instagram and WhatsApp were down

Sarah McKenna Barry

Absolute scenes.

Last night saw a worldwide outage of Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp for almost six hours, and naturally, chaos ensued.

Facebook Inc. said that a “faulty configuration change” was responsible for the problems, and, after what felt like days, all three platforms were eventually up and running late last night.

In the meantime social media savants flocked to Twitter – sure where else would they go? – to share their bafflement at the sorry state of affairs, as well as some top-tier memes.

Many had their hearts in the right place, and urged social media users to look out for those who are particularly vulnerable during this troubling time.

Others felt the need for the social media platforms of times gone by.

Lest we forget.

Netflix wasted no time in paying tribute to Twitter, who played a blinder in hosting hoards of new users last night.

In a similar vein, one user felt that desperate times called for desperate measures, and there was only thing for it.

For some, old fashioned texting felt like uncharted territory.

Naturally, IT Crowd references were flooding Twitter, and Chris O’Dowd himself chimed in.

Michael Fry summed up the experience perfectly with a short video.

Some feared that the outage would force them to endure the corporate hellscape that is LinkdedIn.

Others, meanwhile, were happy to enjoy the ride.