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12th Oct 2017

For the girl who’s always freezing: 5 gadgets you need in your life right now

Brought to you by Bord Gáis Energy.

Your days of freezing are over.

All of your friends know you as the ‘girl who’s always cold’ and even when it’s 25 degrees out, you still feel it. It’s a big dilemma but your mates with normal working body temperatures just don’t get it – they’re sick of you talking about it.

Getting out of bed in winter requires serious discipline from the best of us and whilst a pair of thick wool socks and boots eases the ordeal, it’s not enough to drag you out of bed. 

Thankfully, there are some geek-chic toys that every girl like you needs in their life. Here’s our top picks that will heat you right up this winter.

1.  Heated slippers

Cold feet in the winter can kill your vibes – there’s nothing worse.

Bundle up your feet in these heated slippers and your life will change forever. And, they’re simple to use – plug into a USB port and…rejoice.

If your office is like an ice-box, bring these with you to work and you’ll start a trend.

We know what’s on our wish list…



2. Heated fingerless gloves

We are LOVING these usb inspired mittens. You can keep your hands warm and beat the cold season when playing computer games or just at your computer at work.

You can’t go outside with these ‘gloves’ because heating only works when you’re plugged in but we’re still impressed

Another invention worth celebrating.

3. Rechargeable hand warmer

Got cold hands? These hand warmers will keep your fingers toasty even on a snow day and you can charge it up and bring it with you wherever you’re going.

We adore these.

4. Puffy quilt headphones

They’re more of an accessory than a gadget but we couldn’t resist these doughnut inspired ear-muffs. They really DO exist and they’re the super cute solution to keeping your ears cosy this winter.

Next month’s pay cheque is already spent. 

Winter is coming. Protect your ears. ??? Donut Earmuffs available in the #iHasCupquake Shop! #ihasgoodies #donut #earmuffs

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5. The Hive Hub 

But, if you really want to ramp-up your winter vibes, get your home connected with Hive Active Heating™ so you can warm-up the house from your mobile before you even get home – hooray!

Hive lets you control your heating and hot water anywhere from your mobile, laptop or tablet so you’ll never have to come home a cold house ever again – this is a total game changer.

So, if you’re in work, college or on the bus home you can always look forward to a cosy welcome home. And when your day is done, drift off to sleep knowing you can wake-up and simply warm-up the house from the comfort of your very own bed.

The days of ‘always being freezing’ are long gone!

Hive, in partnership with Bord Gáis Energy.